The Ravnica storyline is set on the plane of the same name and revolves around plots to break the Guildpact during the Decamillenia celebration of the signing of the Guildpact and the subsequent plots that were carried out in the aftermath of the breaking of the Guildpact.

In the Ravnica: City of Guilds set we learned about the guilds and how they were established 10,000 years before the events of the Ravnica block. During the course of the Ravnica set we learn that the parun of House Dimir wanted to destroy the Guildpact and gain control of Ravnica in the process. He enlisted Savra, the matka of the Devkarin elves of the Golgari Swarm, who aspired to become the Guildmaster of the Golgari.

Together they freed Svogthir and made him a new body which he used to defeat the Sisters of Stone Death in a battle before double crossing him and consuming his essence. They also began replacing the leaders of the Boros Legion with lupul to be able to control the guild. Szadek had Savra infiltrate the Selesnya Conclave to get close to Mat’selesnya, the parun of the Selesnya Conclave. To do this Savra had to become a member of the Chorus of the Conclave and to achieve this she arranged the assassination of Saint Bayul and claimed his communication crystal.

Savra was double crossed by Szadek who snapped her neck after she became a member of the Chorus. Szadek began draining the life out of Mat’selesnya to kill the ancient parun and with her the magic that powered the Guildpact in effect breaking it. Agrus Kos, Feather, Jarad and Fonn Zunich were able to thwart Szadek’s plot. House Dimir was kept a secret from the public under a provision within the Guildpact but when Agrus Kos revealed the guild by the public arrest of Szadek caused a loophole to be formed within the Guildpact and it broke.

Szadek was sent to an Azorius jail where Grand Arbiter Augustin IV visited him and snatched Szadek’s soul from his body killing the parun. Augustin sent Szadek’s spirit to Agryem to begin amassing a large army of spirits. Razia, the parun and Guildmaster of the Boros Legion, tracked Szadek’s spirit in Parhelion with her firemane angels. Parhelion flew into Agryem in secret and subsequently vanished. Kos freed Feather’s wings so she could search for the missing Parhelion and firemane angels.

In the Guildpact set we learn that schemes that were previously impossible to carry out due to the magic of the Guildpact prohibiting them were suddenly put into motion. Agrus Kos retired from the Wojek after he was catapulted into fame due to his arrest of Szadek at the end of the Ravnica: City of Guilds set. He became an Orzhov guard in the Utvara Reclamation Zone where he lived a quiet life that suited him and also helped his friend Pivlic.

Kos’s quiet life came to an end when Teysa Karlov came to claim her inheritance and unwittingly caused a scheme to conquer all of Ravnica to be set into motion. Zomaj Hauc, a talented and quite insane archmage of the Izzet League, had discovered ancient Ravnican dragon eggs. Ancient Ravnican dragons were immensely powerful beings, like that of the primeval Dominarian dragons, and a single dragon could cause untold devastation. Zomaj had been incubating the eggs for years in the Cauldron” under Utvara without anyone, not even Niv-Mizzet, knowing about it.

Crix, Zomaj’s courier, had a spell that would hatch the eggs engraved on her mizzium arm and was traveling to Utvara when she was captured by a group of Gruul. With the help of Vor Golozar, Agrus Kos and Pivlic Crix was able to reach Cauldron” where she turned against her master.

The group was too late to stop Hauc, he used the spell from Crix’s arm to hatch two of the eggs and used a spell to control one of the dragons. Teysa used the same spell to control the second dragon and flew on it with Vor Golozar while Crix flew her observation sphere with Kos. Teysa and Vor were able to defeat Hauc’s dragon which crushed him when it crashed into the ground.

Crix was able to fly both herself and Kos safely out of Cauldron in her observation sphere but crashed it in the process fatally wounding Kos. Crix, not knowing of Kos’s aversion to healing magic, attempted to heal him triggering a massive heart attack killing him. Kos’s funeral was a somber event with many of his closest friends who helped him save the plane in attendance. Jarad and Feather, who returned after sensing her friend’s death, acted as pallbearers for his casket.

In recognition of her feat Crix was promoted to Master Engineer by Niv-Mizzet himself and he bestowed an extra syllable to her name. From then on Crix was known as Crixzix.

In Dissension after Hauc’s scheme was foiled construction activities in the Utvara region woke the Nephilim, an ancient and long forgotten race that were subdued and imprisoned beneath the surface of Ravnica long before the Guildpact. Five of the creatures fed on a corpse of a dragon causing them to grow to enormous size and showed the ability to absorb power from other beings.

Pivlic was gravely wounded during the Nephilim attack but was healed by Crixzix before heading to the center of the city to warn Teysa about the coming doom. Niv-Mizzet, who had not made a public appearance in 2500 years, and Rakdos battled the nephilim with Niv-Mizzet managing to defeat two of them before being forced to retreat from the battle after being struck by an unforeseen attack by one of them. Rakdos was able to defeat another of the nephilim while the remaining two were subdued in the center of the city.

While the nephilim were on their rampage two other plots came to light. Momir Vig, the Guildmaster of the Simic Combine, used the cerebral fluid from one of the dragons hatched by Hauc to activate Experiment Kraj. Vig was also approached by Izolda, the acting guildmaster of the Cult of Rakdos, who wanted to secure dragon cerebral fluid as well. Vig gave Izolda the cerebral fluid and the two parted ways.

Izolda wanted to control Rakdos to maintain her control of the guild and to reap havoc across Ravnica. To control Rakdos she needed dragon cerebral fluid, which she obtained from Vig, and the blood of a guildmaster. She kidnapped Myczil Savod, the son of Jarad guildmaster of the Golgari Swarm, to use his blood during the ritual.

Myc’s parents, Jarad and Fonn, were too late to thwart the ritual and their interference caused a connection to be formed between Myc’s mind and that of Rakdos. While Fonn lead her ledev to try to stop Izolda Jarad remained with Myc trying to break the connection. Jarad sacrificed himself to save Myc and shatter the bond, Fonn and her scouts returned and rescued Myc before using explosives to destroy one of the last nephilim. Jarad’s spirit was able to possess his body and he rose again as a lich.

Vig knew of Izolda’s plans of releasing Rakdos on Ravnica and intended to use Experiment Kraj to defeat Rakdos and convince the citizens of Ravnica to give him control of the plane. Vig’s plan would never come to fruition, Agrus Kos in spirit form managed to infiltrate Novijen and overheard Vig’s plans when he explained them to Svogthir who was possessing Savra’s body. Kos overpowered Svogthir’s mind and obtained control of Savra’s body and used it to kill Vig.

Experiment Kraj went ballistic and grew to enormous size, eventually all of Novijen would become it’s head. After Rakdos defeated one of the nephilim he turned to face the giant ooze. Experiment Kraj swallowed all of Rakdos within it causing him to fall into a coma and the spell Izolda cast to control him to backlash. Her followers sensed the moment of weakness and devoured her alive. Experiment Kraj could not handle having Rakdos within it and fell motionless.

When Agrus Kos brought the news to Augustin IV he was pleased. He knew all along of Szadek’s plan to seize control of Ravnica when the Guildpact did finally fail. Augustin’s plans were interrupted when the Parhelion piloted by Szadek crashed into Prahv. Teysa and Feather enter Parhelion and are captured by a lupul disguised as Razia.

Augustin convenes the senate to vote to put Ravnica under martial law and Agrus arrives just in time to object. Augustin puts the senate under a spell and explains his plan to Kos. Determined to kill Augustin Kos enters Parhelion to cause the engines to explode. Pivlic and Kos enter Parhelion and after sabotaging the engines they head to the control room where they find Feather and Teysa being held hostage by the lupul Razia and Szadek.

Kos and Pivlic defeat the lupul and trap Szadek in a grounder, a device designed to capture spirits, before escaping the downed ship. They escape the Parhelion to find the senate was in chaos as the Selesnya Conclave had sent the quietmen after them. Kos threw the grounder at Augustin causing Szadek to erupt from it and, upon recognizing Augustin, ripped the soul from his body. At that moment Parhelion exploded destroying Prahv.

A new, non-magical Guildpact is drafted by Teysa and signed by the 9 guilds, House Dimir was no longer recognized as a guild. Fonn let Myc join the ranks of the Golgari to learn how to become a hunter. Experiment Kraj was dismembered by the quietmen and Rakdos was dumped in the lava pit beneath Rix Maadi by Feather, the new Boros Legion guildmaster. Teysa and Pivlic return to Utvara and are welcomed by Crixzix. With the Chorus of the Conclave destroyed Mat’selesnya creates Trostani to act as the new Guildmaster of the Selesnya Conclave.

Two years after the destruction of Prahv Feather and Leonos, the new Grand Arbiter of the Azorius Senate, bring Kos’s spirit back from the afterlife and give him a semi corporeal form so he doesn’t have to possess others. They ask him to become the Wojek Commander of the Agryem district where Szadek’s spirit had vanished into after Prahv’s destruction. Kos agrees and heads to Agryem.

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