Yawgmoth wandered the land spreading his vision wherever he went. He journeyed to the far reaches of the dwarven kingdom of Oryn Deeps and infected the dwarven host with a vile plague. Fleeing the kingdom, Yawgmoth next journeyed to the forest continent of Argoth, where he held the elven priestess Elyssendril Lademmdrith and her train captive. Yawgmoth infected the elves with a deadly virus and demanded a ransom in promise of a cure. After the ransom was paid, Yawgmoth quietly left the land of Argoth in misery. Next, the future god released a deadly plague upon the Talruuan minotaurs to gaze wonderingly at its affects. Yawgmoth then journeyed to Jamuraa, where he infected the ruling class of an entire tribe of cat warriors with a deadly strain of rabies. He then poisoned the human tribes of Gulatto Meisha for no other reason that it was his whim. His next victim was the ruling viashino bey, who lay dissected after accepting the healer into his home.

These atrocities were nothing. His revenge on the Thran was all that mattered. Word reached Yawgmoth that the Thran genius Glacian, a man instrumental in his exile, lay dying of a disease that no healer could discern a cause for. Apparently, a diseased man wielding a flawed crystal had attacked Glacian in his laboratory. Yawgmoth learned that his banishment would be revoked if he would only seek to find a cause for this illness and defeat it. He smiled and set out for the Thran metropolis of Halcyon.

Yawgmoth arrived in Halcyon as a beggar, dirt clinging to his tattered robes as if he were a stranger to the Thran. He would leave as an elder. He would leave as a monarch. He would leave as a deity. At the gates of Halcyon, Rebbec stood in greeting. The chief architect of the Thran and wife of the stricken inventor, Rebbec welcomed Yawgmoth like a snake into her breast. Almost immediately, Yawgmoth became infatuated with the beautiful architect. He was slightly less amazed by the city she had constructed. Halcyon was a thriving metropolis, but it was much more than that. The entire city was powered by a revolutionary new science known as powerstones. These powerstones, once charged, would remain an eternal, if expensive, way to make everyday life easier. Yawgmoth learned that before Glacian’s injury, he had been instrumental in the powerstones’ newfound uses in Thran life.

The two journeyed to Glacian’s sickbed, finding the genius less than grateful at the opportunity to be healed by a man he had exiled long ago. However, Yawgmoth would not be dismayed. He would find a cure, no matter the cost. The life of the man Glacian meant nothing to him. He would find a cure in order to hold it high above the heads of the Thran populace as they bowed before him.

Yawgmoth learned that the disease, which he called phthisis, was running most rampant among the Caves of the Damned. These caves, which lay beneath Halcyon, were the former prison of Thran outlaws. Over the years, however, the inmates had given birth to new generations who were guilty of no crime other than being born from inmate ancestors. Yawgmoth journeyed into the treacherous caves in order to observe a certain case. The Damned revolutionary that had attacked Glacian had done so with a flawed powerstone, one made imperfect by its irregular, dagger-like qualities. The man was apparently riddled with disease, perhaps the same disease that afflicted the Thran genius. After Yawgmoth earned the respect of the Damned by slaying one of their warriors, a small boy led him to the Quarantine Cave, where lay the sickened form of Gix (itself a memorable name in the history of Dominaria and Phyrexia).

Yawgmoth took Gix from the Caves of the Damned to Glacian’s infirmary. He observed that both were afflicted by the phthisis, and both responded negatively to direct contact with powerstones. These observations would have to wait, however, as that day was to be the grand unveiling of the Thran Temple, a huge floating castle designed by Rebbec herself. The Thran Temple was a tremendous success, but it weakened the Thran populace’s humility. By attempting to elevate themselves to the levels of deities, the Thran were sorely unaware that dark figures would use this new found power for their own purposes.

Months later, Yawgmoth had deciphered the cause of the disease. Phthisis was caused by direct contact with powerstones. Over time, the dangerous radiations in powerstones would weaken a human’s immune system, leading to the deadly strain which affected Glacian, Gix, and countless others. Yawgmoth shared this revelation with Rebbec, Glacian, and Gix. Rebbec was fearful. Glacian was full of accusations. Yawgmoth was enraged. Gix merely laughed. Yawgmoth revealed that because the Caves of the Damned lay directly beneath Halcyon, the majority of the powerstone radiation was directed there. This was the reason that the phthisis ran so rampant throughout the Caves of the Damned. Days later, it was discovered that a furious Gix had disappeared.

Yawgmoth and Rebbec shared their findings with the Halcyte ruling council. To say they were outraged would be grossly inadequate. The healer of lepers who had been exiled from their beautiful city had the nerve to return and make idle speculation about their new found power having a detrimental affect on the populace. At Glacian’s prompting, a vote was called for Yawgmoth’s exile. Yawgmoth remained calm. He made request for a group of healers and students to be given to him for further study of the phthisis. The Thran voted for Yawgmoth to be given this request, but made it painfully aware to the healer that should results not occur, his banishment would be reinstated.

Days later, Yawgmoth’s healers had developed a possible treatment for the cure. While this treatment would not cure the phthisis, it would quite possibly prevent it from spreading. Their research would have to wait, however. A rebellion was underway. Gix had returned with a host of the Damned, all vowing to tear Halcyon down from the rafters for its crimes against them. The Halcyte guard engaged the Damned with little success. Yawgmoth took this as a masked opportunity. He abducted a phthisis-ridden rebel to see if his new treatment would work. The healers were astonished by the results. Not only did the treatment halt the disease, it even caused it to reverse itself. The stricken rebel hadn’t been cured, but was in better condition than he had been in years. The infirm had little chance to thank Yawgmoth, however. The future deity slew him shortly after the treatment was administered.

Yawgmoth took a flying sedan chair to the Thran Temple, where he found Rebbec and a host of others under attack from Gix and his loyal rebels. Yawgmoth promised Gix the treatment if he would halt his attack. After Gix injected the treatment into himself and saw the favorable results, he agreed to Yawgmoth’s bargain.

Yawgmoth was immediately elevated to the position of a local hero. He had found a treatment for the disease that was ruining the Thran people. He has halted the rebellion of the Damned. He worked to find a cure not only for the Thran populace, but also for the once-hated Damned. The entire city welcomed him into their hearts. He would feast on these organs, one by one.

The treatment was administered to the general stricken populace of the Thran and the Damned. Glacian, already severely withered from the disease’s affects, was barely affected by the treatment. The disease had begun to affect Glacian’s mind, much to the dislike of his wife. Rebbec was all but repelled from the loving arms of Glacian into the waiting embrace of Yawgmoth. However, in the years to come, Yawgmoth was unable (possibly unwilling) to find a cure. The treatment administered to the damned was becoming more and more ineffective. The city’s majority of healers had been given over unto Yawgmoth’s control. Thousands of Thran citizens were sent to the Quarantine Cave for healing. Mere hundreds were allowed to leave.

During an evening meal with Rebbec, the stricken Glacian confronted Yawgmoth. Glacian’s mind had seemingly split in twain, partially due to the pthisis, partially due to his own genius. He revealed his plans to open gateways into new worlds, infinite worlds that lay dormant within every charged powerstone. This idea was completely ludicrous, but also appeared completely genuine. Yawgmoth had little time to ponder the meaning of this finding before Glacian again interrupted his meal with the same findings, completely unaware that he had done so mere moments before. Rebbec became increasingly concerned for her husband’s health. Yawgmoth became increasingly concerned with Rebbec. However, months later Rebbec was ready to willingly give herself to Yawgmoth. But the game was going along too quickly. Yawgmoth was ever only concerned with Yawgmoth.

After returning from a trip to Jamuraa, Yawgmoth was informed by the Halcyte council that the infirm of the Quarantine Cave were escaping into Halcyon. Dissatisfied with the lack of results from Yawgmoth’s treatments, they had left the caves and could possibly infect more Thran with the phthisis. Yawgmoth was given control of a squadron of Halcyte guards in order to halt these escapes in any way he could. The healer enjoyed crushing the life out of the infirm very much.

One day, everything changed. Yawgmoth began his long trek away from mortality and into godhood. Upon inspecting Glacian’s sickened form, Yawgmoth learned that some sort of sorceress was visiting the genius. Yawgmoth found a woman of immense hidden power having a conversation with the withered Glacian. This woman, Dyfed, stated boldly that she was a planeswalker, a wielder of magic on par with a god. Yawgmoth disbelieved her, much to Dyfed’s annoyance. The goddess planeswalked Yawgmoth to the distant plane of Pyrulea in order to show him her words were true. Things couldn’t be going better for Yawgmoth. He had already captured an entire city’s favor. Soon, he would seize control of all existence.

Shortly thereafter, a second uprising began from the Caves of the Damned. This time, the Halcytes were ready. Yawgmoth had been given complete control over the military forces of Halcyon if only he could repel these attacks. The healer fitted the Halcyte guard with powerstone-driven weapons and armor, which enabled the guard to quickly demolish the invasion.

After Gix’s second attempt to conquer Halcyon was thwarted, the Halcyte populace had elevated Yawgmoth to the level of national hero. He was near a cure for the phthisis. He had demolished the Thran’s enemies. He had gained Gix’s undying loyalty. But Yawgmoth had one new promise to make. He had discovered that sickness was merely a weakening of the body’s natural defenses. If he could somehow incorporate better organs into the body, organic or artificial, then he could stop these illnesses. He vowed to stop all sickness, even the greatest sickness of all: death. A hushed crowd gazed in astonishment. Yawgmoth would make all Thran immortal. He would make them gods.

However, before Yawgmoth could begin his long trek into divinity, the past came back to haunt him. A combined populace of dwarven, elven, cat warrior, viashino, minotaur, and barbarian approached Halcyon. They accused Yawgmoth of his past sins, damaging the bloodlines of the sentient races of Dominaria for thousands of years. The dwarves, in particular, vowed that Yawgmoth would lead the Thran on the road to ruin. A vote was taken for Yawgmoth’s exile, but again it failed. The combined armies left Halcyon after declaring war on the Thran Empire. What’s worse, the Thran city-states of Losanon, Wington, and Chignon had turned against the rest of the empire. Yawgmoth declared martial law. A civil war would erupt in days.

Days later, Glacian and Rebbec pleaded with Dyfed to liberate the Thran elders being imprisoned “for their own good” by Yawgmoth. Rebbec accused Yawgmoth of neglecting his duties to heal Glacian. Yawgmoth merely stated that he would not rest until Glacian was well. Then, he vowed, he would fight him to the death for Rebbec’s hand in marriage. In the meantime, Yawgmoth ordered Glacian to be taken to the Caves of the Damned with the other invalid.

Yawgmoth knew he could not maintain his hold on the empire without Dyfed’s help. She had shown him glimpses of other worlds, and he greatly desired to find an unpopulated world where he could send the Thran to live in peace. This world would, of course, be ruled over by none other than Yawgmoth. Dyfed searched for such a world and returned with success.

This world would become Yawgmoth’s throne for nine thousand years. It would become the most vile and feared plane in all existence. But for now, it was a luscious paradise. Yawgmoth, Rebbec, and Dyfed observed its tranquil beauty. The world was completely hollow, and contained eight other levels nestled inside the outermost. An artificial plane created by a draconic planeswalker, the plane needed neither sun nor rain to thrive. It contained in its eighth sphere a layer of pure energy that would heat the plane forever. It was a vast, mechanical construct that housed millions of benevolent artificial creatures. Yawgmoth would use this plane first to heal the phthitics, then to cure mortality, and finally to rule and launch his dominion across the multiverse. Yawgmoth needed to find a cure for phthisis, the continual degeneration that plagued his people. He would combat it in this place, a plane that would be devoted to phyresis, continual generation. He dubbed this new world Phyrexia. Dominia would weep in fear for the next nine millennia.

Yawgmoth fused his very being with that of his new world. Barely surviving the flood of energies, he emerged the complete and total god of an entire world. Using Glacian’s designs, Yawgmoth opened a portal between Phyrexia and the Caves of the Damned. Thousands of Thran phthitics entered into Phyrexia in astonished wonder.

Yawgmoth returned to Dominaria through his newly created portal to find Rebbec pleading for Yawgmoth to do something about Glacian’s condition. Yawgmoth told Rebbec that a new treatment was being devised for the Thran afflicted. This treatment involved implanting an uncharged powerstone into the body. The harmful radiation that was the cause of phthisis would flow directly into the powerstone, which could then be removed, leaving the body completely healed. Also, some Thran were growing taller, stronger, and healthier by bathing in the glistening oil that was found in Phyrexia’s fifth sphere. Glacian would hear none of this, and accused Yawgmoth of trying to control the Thran Empire.

Yawgmoth also told Rebbec that one possibility of why Glacian was not healing was because a shard of a powerstone might yet be implanted within his body. Yawgmoth extracted the sliver, but inserted an uncharged powerstone when Rebbec was crying over her husband’s form.

On the battlefront, the war was not going in Yawgmoth’s favor. The city of Orleason had succumbed to betrayal and had joined the resistance. The city of Phoenon had been wiped off the map by the rebel city-states’ armadas. It was time for Yawgmoth to go on the offensive. The rebel forces were advancing on Halcyon for a final strike. Yawgmoth and his troops would meet them at Megheddon Defile.

Yawgmoth bombarded the ground forces with his own aerial armada. Ray cannons captured in the Battle of Phoenon destroyed these airships. Yawgmoth retaliated by unleashing his hidden traps and artifact creatures. His sand crabs were overwhelmed by elven magic. Not dismayed, Yawgmoth unleashed his Halcyte guard, which inflicted heavy casualties among the rebels. However, these too were defeated by elvish magic. Yawgmoth released his final defenders, two giant mechanical behemoths. These too fell when mantis engines designed by Glacian assaulted them. Yawgmoth retreated from the Defile, but headed directly for the Thran Null Sphere.

The Null Sphere controlled the entirety of the Thran artificial defenses, and would be a great asset to Yawgmoth’s crusade against the rebels. Yawgmoth assaulted the Sphere with the majority of his Phyrexian army, led by the newly crowned Commander Gix. These creatures had been human once, but were now a species all their own. Through Phyrexian oil and Yawgmoth’s science, these poor wretches were now their own killing force. The Null Sphere was captured within instants. The Phyrexians, looking for more rebel blood, charged the Megheddon Defile.

Yawgmoth used the Null Sphere’s engines to launch it into the air, preventing the Thran rebels from ever acquiring it again. Yawgmoth turned the rebel artifact creatures against their controllers. He then unleashed the Sphere’s pure white mana resources, which fled through the rebels, slaying everyone on the battlefield. Now there was no way Halcyon would be the victim of a ground-based attack. Yawgmoth fled the still-rising Sphere through his aerial armada. He watched from the deck of one of his great airships as the Null Sphere rose into the air, becoming a new moon for Dominaria.

Yawgmoth returned to Halcyon with two Thran armadas in pursuit. He found Rebbec in a state of delirium, but she was easily calmed by Yawgmoth’s sedations. Yawgmoth returned to Phyrexia, once again merging with the plane. His meditations were interrupted by the planeswalker Dyfed, who informed Yawgmoth that he must be stopped. She told the ruler that she had taken the Halcyte elders far away from his martial law. Yawgmoth did little to resist Dyfed’s control, but told her that should she take him away from Phyrexia, the non-human ambassadors would be slain. Yawgmoth had abducted them, dissected them, and fused their bodies in grotesque amalgams. Dyfed, knowing she could do nothing to save these wretches, fell easy prey to Yawgmoth’s wiles. The god of Phyrexia stabbed Dyfed’s brain, disrupting her ability to form a physical body. By constantly scrambling her brains like an egg, Dyfed would be powerless to resist him.

Yawgmoth returned to Halcyon as it began its defense from the advancing armadas. Yawgmoth himself entered the fray, attacking from his warship Yataghan. However, friendly fire would apparently spell Yawgmoth’s death, as a Halcyte ray cannon bombarded the ship. Yawgmoth was the sole survivor of the crash, and was immediately mistaken for a rebel invader. Yawgmoth began climbing the Halcyte Mountains alongside a squadron of elven invaders. However, his defenses soon arrived. Steeplejacks, Phyrexians bred for mountainous combat, attacked in swarms. Yawgmoth would’ve been slain as an invader, but a former healer, Xod, recognized him and carried him to Halcyon.

After quickly and violently disposing of the guard responsible for his ship’s destruction, Yawgmoth was met by Commander Gix, who had slain the Halcyte guard commander for presuming Yawgmoth was slain. Yawgmoth ordered Gix to take all Thran citizens to Phyrexia to begin their change into monsters. He then journeyed to the Caves of the Damned to enter into his world. Along the way, he found Rebbec calming the comatose body of her husband. Infecting her with more sedation, he carried her away to Phyrexia.

Yawgmoth showed Rebbec the wonders he had wrought, including Dyfed’s torment. He took her to the Ninth Sphere, his inner sanctum, and completely possessed her mind, instantly learning every secret she possessed. He left her to begin the final stage of his plan for dominance over the Thran Empire.

Yawgmoth and his healer corps attacked a rebel-occupied Halcyte hangar. After regaining the hangar, he loaded his stone-chargers aboard several airships. These bombs would completely destroy the traitorous Thran cities. In a single day, he would destroy the Thran Empire and solidify his hold on Dominaria. He unleashed his bombs near Halcyon, destroying much of what Rebbec had wrought. The milky white clouds that spread across the land dissolved all life in their path. The Null Sphere would siphon off all energy that would harm Halcyon. Victory was moments away.

Yawgmoth’s ship patrolled the city, which swarmed with rebels. After regrouping the Phyrexian and Halcyte forces, he had solidified his hold on Halcyon. He ordered his airships to depart for the rebel city-states and obliterate them one by one. However, his forces could not get very far. Apparently, the Null Sphere had risen too far to properly siphon off the deadly clouds. Halcyon would be enveloped and destroyed in hours. What’s worse, the Thran Temple had risen from its foundations and had escaped into the sky.

Yawgmoth made a public announcement to loyal and rebel alike. He was their god now. He had prepared an entire world for their use. If they would declare themselves subject unto him, he would save them, improve them, compleat them. Upon glimpsing the wonders of Phyrexia and the horrors of the death cloud, no one was apt to refuse. Everyone fled into Phyrexia, millions of subjects to populate Yawgmoth’s world.

Only one remained. Rebbec gazed at the portal to Phyrexia, clutching the powerstone that Yawgmoth had imbedded within Glacian’s form. Yawgmoth watched in horror as Rebbec prepared to use the powerstone’s power to seal him from Dominaria forever. Yawgmoth pleaded and swore his undying love, but to no avail. Rebbec’s gentle hands placed the stone upon the pedestal. With a scream of denial, Yawgmoth was sealed inside his world forever. His kingdom had become his crypt.

A furious Yawgmoth vowed his undying hatred for Rebbec, and swore an oath: he would invade Dominaria somehow, slay all its life, and make it his own. Then he would expand his control across the multiverse. Nothing could stop him. And it appeared nothing would. For in the time in which Yawgmoth was exiled from his home plane, he grew and grew in power. Yawgmoth had already become a god, but was now becoming something greater. Indeed, he was becoming the most powerful creature ever created. He was as above a planeswalker as a planeswalker was above a virus. He was greater than a god. He was Yawgmoth.

Yawgmoth spent a full five thousand years in his home, vowing vengeance against Rebbec and her world. Through this era, Yawgmoth’s forces had completed their transformations, but it still wasn’t enough. Yawgmoth knew the body was a machine, and like a machine it could be made more perfect by adding new parts. Eventually, all of Yawgmoth’s creations were made perfect machines. He created dragon engines, witch engines, blood vassals, skirges, flesh reavers, hollow dogs, sanguine guards, and vebulids. Every creature born of a child’s nightmare was his to rule. He gathered a select few of great intelligence and cunning and named them his Demons, an Inner Circle devoted to carrying out his great plans. The greatest of these was Gix, who had become as powerful as a planeswalker. Phyrexia’s own resident planeswalker captive, Dyfed, had been slain shortly before Yawgmoth was exiled. Yawgmoth created Sleeper Agents, creatures designed to look like human beings so that when Phyrexia began infiltrating Dominaria, no land would be spared Yawgmoth’s gaze.

However, one problem reared its ugly head. Phyrexia was an artificial plane, created by a long-dead planeswalker for his own purposes. Yawgmoth learned it was the fate of all artificial planes to collapse, and one day his beloved Phyrexia would cease to be. Yawgmoth must invade Dominaria eventually, and make it his new home worthy of his name.

But Yawgmoth’s genius could not be contained, not even in nine spheres. History is questionable on this point, but apparently Yawgmoth began somehow constructing another plane, an artificial world composed of flowstone. This world, which Yawgmoth named Rath, would slowly expand until the dimensional barriers could no longer hold it in. Upon that time, it would fuse with whatever world was closest to its dimensional coordinates. This world was, of course, Dominaria; it was in this way that Yawgmoth would conquer his home plane.

Then it happened. The day the Dark Lord had long awaited had come to be. A portal had opened, and two humans had entered into Phyrexia’s First Sphere. Yawgmoth ordered his minions to stay away and watch from the shadows. These humans, one man, one woman, observed in awe the wonders that Yawgmoth had created. Then, the Ineffable noticed something strange. The man clutched in his hand one half of a powerstone that emanated the same energies as the one that he himself had implanted in Glacian five millennia ago. Yawgmoth sent one of his demons to slay these two humans and capture this shattered powerstone, but the humans fled the plane and slammed the portal behind them.

Furious, Yawgmoth made plans should the portal again reopen. A strange occurrence was happening on his First Sphere. Some of his lesser dragon engines were disappearing. Yawgmoth had little time to ponder this, as years later he was able to open the gateway once again. The powerstones that had long served as a lock barring Yawgmoth’s return to Dominaria had been removed. Now, nothing would stand in the way of his conquest. The temporal energies were still weak, allowing Yawgmoth to send through only one of his minions. Yawgmoth easily chose Gix to usher in this new age. Gix left Phyrexia, closing the portal behind him.

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