Jarsyl was the first born child of Harbin and the grandson of the famed planeswalker Urza. Jarsyl was born during the Brothers' War and was too young to participate as a result. After the ending of the war due to the activation of the Golgothian Sylex and the resulting Sylex Blast he was raised by his grandmother Kayla. Jarsyl later gained fame for his theory of the Multiverse and vanished after he managed to build a gate to the plane of Phyrexia.

Early LifeEdit

Jarsyl was born to Harbin and Melana, a member of Kayla's court in Argive, and the product of an arranged marriage by his grandmother, Kayla bin-Kroog. He was just a child living in Penregon at the time of the blast at Argoth in 64 AR, and frightened by the effect, as recorded in "The Antiquities War." His father died in the blast, and he was raised by his grandmother.

After the fall of ancient Argive, his grandmother founded a large manor in what became Giva Province. Jarsyl was black-haired and stocky, charming, amiable, and quick-witted. As an adult, Jarsyl became a very powerful wizard, performing his studies in a tower he built on the edge of the manor.

Theory of the MultiverseEdit

His notes and journals became the early basis for the magical awakening in the period of the Ice Age and beyond. One of these discoveries involved the theory of the Multiverse, an infinite collection of worlds, or planes. One of these planes he was able to magically open a gate to, a world of acid rain, fetid swamps, and metallic vegetation.

After he traveled to Phyrexia he was never seen in Dominaria again. His notes were then taken by his apprentice and his tower in the swamp fell into disrepair.

Jarsyl was survived by at least one granddaughter, who became the grandmother of the Archmage of the Unseen, Jodah. Jodah's early magical experiments involved attempting to recreate the gate spell of his great-great grandfather, but failed as he used the mana from the current state of the tower rather than the original state of the tower.

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