Jenrik was a blue-aligned astronomer from the plane of Innistrad who was widely respected but feared for what his knowledge might hold.

Jenrik and His TowerEdit

Along a particularly bare stretch of the Silver Beach looms a tall tower. The mortar has been mixed with sand from the Silver Beach, making it glitter in the moonlight. Within the tower, Jenrik, the astronomer, mysteriously conducts his work studying the stars, eschewing all contact with the outside world. He is making observations of the moon, charting its path across the heavens with excruciating detail.

Wards keep away werewolves, and the Stromkirk actually fear his knowledge, for anyone with such a vast understanding of the moon is holding great power indeed. Some say he is predicting the future of Innistrad, or that he is a spirit trying to get home. Others say he is an angel attempting to restore Avacyn, or that he is a demon plotting to destroy the world.


Tamiyo observed Innistrad for many cycles, using her powers as a planeswalker to gain insight into the forces the moon exerted on the world below. She watched with rapt attention how the moon affected the werewolves and vampires on Innistrad, and she wrote extensive notes on the ebb and flow of violent frenzies in relation to the moon's influence.

Her curiosity eventually led her to the door of the famed Nephalian astronomancer Jenrik. Tamiyo spent months in his moonstone tower poring over countless charts, adding her own observations to his collection about the odd power the moon holds over the denizens and populace of this plane.

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Lunar Mystic

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Tower Geist