The Sisters of Stone Death were a quintet of black-green aligned gorgons and were the Guildmasters of the Golgari Swarm. After the events of the Decamillenial only one of the sisters survived.

Overthrowing SvogthirEdit

Millennia before the Decamillenial the Sisters of Stone Death were a quintet of gorgons who served as the lieutenants of the parun and Guildmaster of the Golgari Swarm Svogthir. A millennia before the Decamillenial they turned against their master and challenged him for the title of Guildmaster.

During the ensuing battle Svogthir managed to kill two of the five sisters but was overpowered by the remaining three. Due to Svogthir’s powers as a lich they could not kill him or petrify him so they rotted away his body and sealed away in what would become known as Svogthos.


The remaining three sisters, Lexya, Lydya and Ludmilla, became the Guildmasters of the Golgari Swarm and maintained their position through the support of the non-humanoid teratogen members of the Golgari. They would hold the position until the Decamillenial when Svogthir was freed by Savra, the matka of the Devkarin elves.

During the rematch two of the remaining sisters were killed before the third, Ludmilla, yielded to Svogthir. Ludmilla would later learn that Svogthir was freed and tricked into defeating the Sisters by the new Golgari Guildmaster Savra.

Ludmilla led the Golgari attack on Centerfort but the attack was deflected by the Wojek with the help of Feather who granted the gorgon mercy on the condition she would never show her face of the surface again.

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