Svogthir was a black-green aligned human turned lich and the parun of the Golgari Swarm and it’s original Guildmaster.

Forming the GuildpactEdit

Before the Guildpact Svogthir united an army of elves and outcasts and raised legions of undead which would become the Golgari Swarm. In the endless war between forces that would become the guilds Svogthir fought in the name of chaos until the war came to a complete standstill. It was then Szadek proposed the Guildpact to end the war and Svogthir was instrumental in bringing the leaders of the factions to come together to negotiate and sign the Guildpact.

Downfall and ImprisonmentEdit

Due to his prowess in the art of necromancy when Svogthir died he rose again as a lich and continued to serve as the Guildmaster of the Golgari Swarm. He began to replace his body parts and limbs with that of powerful individuals to perfect himself and even had the torso of the Gruul parun Cisarzim.

A millennia before the Decamillenial anniversary of the signing of the Guildpact Svogthir’s lieutenants, a quintet of gorgon sisters known as the Sisters of Stone Death, rose up to challenge him. In the resulting battle Svogthir killed two of the sisters before overpowered him. Due to his status as a lich he could not be killed or petrified so the sisters rotted away his body and sealed his head away in what would become known as Svogthos.

Turmoil during the DecamillenialEdit

Svogthir would remain imprisoned within Svogthos until the Decamillenial when the matka of the Devkarin elves Savra freed Svogthir and built him a new body so he could challenge the sisters. During the rematch Svogthir killed two of the three remaining sisters before the third yielded. It was after his victory Savra, his liberator, turned against him, unsummoned his new body and fused his essence to her staff to increase her strength.


After Savra was killed by Szadek Svogthir was able to possess her body and allied himself with Momir Vig in the hope of wiping Ravnica clean with Experiment Kraj. While in Vig’s lab the spirit of Agrus Kos was able to overpower the mind of Svogthir and gain control of Savra’s body. Kos used Savra’s body to kill Vig which caused Experiment Kraj to go berserk and destroy the lab where Svogthir was. After the destruction of Vig’s lab Svogthir has not been seen or heard from since.

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Associated Cards
Svogthos, the Restless Tomb