Tamiyo is a blue aligned Soratami planeswalker from Kamigawa who travels from plane to plane collecting knowledge from each one.

Early LifeEdit

Tamiyo lived on Kamigawa as a field scholar until her spark flared. Each plane was an untapped trove of knowledge just waiting to be brought back to the scroll-towers of Oboro.

For Tamiyo, every plane holds a mystery that makes it unique, and she spends a great deal of time studying whatever she can.

Time on InnistradEdit

On Innistrad she found the mystery of the great silver moon that hung in the sky. Tamiyo observed Innistrad for many cycles, using her powers as a Planeswalker to gain insight into the forces the moon exerted on the world below. She watched with rapt attention how the moon affected the werewolves and vampires on Innistrad, and she wrote extensive notes on the ebb and flow of violent frenzies in relation to the moon's influence.

Her curiosity eventually led her to the door of the famed Nephalian astronomancer Jenrik. Tamiyo spent months in his moonstone tower poring over countless charts, adding her own observations to his collection about the odd power the moon holds over the denizens and populace of this plane.

When Avacyn was freed from the Helvault Tamiyo excitedly began writing theories about the angel's influence on the land, its creatures, and the moon. The nature of the Helvault, the creation of the wolfir, the reappearance of the gryffs, and the origins of the newly empowered holy wards have been filling her scrolls with further questions.

In-Game ReferencesEdit

Represented in the Following Cards
Tamiyo, the Moon Sage

Quoted or Refered To
Lunar Mystic