Tibalt is a red aligned half human devil planeswalker from Innistrad.

Early LifeEdit

Tibalt began life in Nephalia, an apprentice to one of the provinces many Skaberens, but he lacked the skills required for the work of stitching together the dead. His repeated failures drove him into isolation, and there he nursed a growing hatred. In frustration, he turned his talents toward the realm of the living, using what his master had taught him to explore the true thresholds of the mortal frame. His experiments sought the limits of living organisms to withstand pain.

Tibalt began simply, using only vermin, but the further he sank into his work, the bigger his subjects became, larger animals and eventually he moved onto people. He took in vagrants, unwitting people stepping into their own deaths. As if summoned by the evil nature of these vile experiments, devils began to gather near Tibalt's laboratory at night, whispering in their diabolic, chattering tongue.

Fascinated with his work, they sought to assist him, offering Tibalt insights into his obsession, the very nature of pain. Empowered with such horrible knowledge, Tibalt grew even more sadistic and more careless.


But his descent hardly went unnoticed. His neighbors began talking, whispers passed around between the townsfolk of the terrible things they suspected. Tibalt continued on, oblivious to the rumors surrounding him. It was only a matter of time before an inquisitor's boot kicked in the door of his laboratory.

Holy warriors poured into his workshop and found him in a room filled with jabbering devils and torture devices. Tibalt was caught red-handed. His crimes would finally be answered, and the severity of them called for only one punishment: execution. However he may have ignored the townsfolk who whispered, he was hardly without foresight. In that moment, cornered, he invoked a potent and hateful spell built from the devils' utterances and his own grim discoveries. The spell fused his own essence with the devils at his side. Power flooded him, but at a cost, in that moment he experienced all the suffering that he had inflicted upon others.

The shock and trauma ignited Tibalt's spark and he was flung across the Blind Eternities, away from his executioners.

In-Game ReferencesEdit

Associated Artwork:
Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded