Titania will forever be remembered as the spirit of Argoth during the troubling times of the Brothers’ War. Immeasurably ancient, Titania has cast her guiding light upon Argoth for untold millennia. Unfortunately, all her power would not be enough to save her from the horror that would befall her kingdom. Titania bore witness to the arrival of the two Brothers upon her shores but could do little to stop their invasion.

War on ArgothEdit

Titania was contacted by one of the Brothers’ sons, the young pilot Harbin who had crash landed on Argoth in his ornithopter. Harbin futilely tried to convince Titania that only by allying with Urza could she hope to save her kingdom from the advances of the more notorious brother, Mishra.

Titania would hear none of the youth’s pleas, however, and announced that all invaders of her homeland would be destroyed. Titania engaged in a better three-way war with the forces of Argive and the Fallaji, but fortune did not smile upon her efforts.

Driven mad by the slow destruction of Argoth, Titania’s lifeforce was destroyed the day Urza released the power of the Golgothian Sylex in the closing chapter of the Brothers’ War causing the Sylex Blast.

In-Game ReferencesEdit

Associated Cards
Priestess of Titania
Titania‘s Boon
Titania‘s Chosen
Titania‘s Song

Quoted or Referred to
Priestess of Titania
Titania‘s Boon